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Here are our inspection services and fees. We strive to provide the highest quality inspections in all of Pensacola, FL. Schedule an inspection with us by calling,  (850) 450-7166  or schedule online.

Residential Property Inspector
Standard Home Inspection: STARTING AT $350

**Bundled Insurance Inspections (4 Point & Wind Mit) - $200

Other Add-ons & Up charges: 

Crawl Space -$55

Outbuilding - $55

**Age of home may incur an additional charge

Our Residential Inspection service provides an in-depth review of the interior and exterior of the home. Sonshine will thoroughly inspect all aspects of the property, from the roof to the foundation, and provide you with a comprehensive report of any issues that may need attention. We are committed to helping you make an informed decision about your home purchase.

Residential Property Inspector
Reinspection Charge: FREE

If repairs are not fixed, there will be a $75 trip charge for the 2nd re-inspection trip.

pool spa

Pool & Spa Inspection: $55

Pools and spas require proper maintenance and regular inspection so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Your pool maintenance professional is responsible only for the pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Let me inspect it for all the other items that will ensure its proper condition and safety. I follow a comprehensive checklist and will inspect for the following: water level; leaks; valves; main drains, grates and inlets; blockages, debris, staining and biological growth; heater and thermostat; adequate fencing and gate security; deck safety; electrical safety, switches, alarms, and lighting; and more.

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection/Certification: $100

* Single story only - 5/12 pitch or under

Our Roof Inspection service is designed to give you peace of mind by providing a comprehensive report of the condition and integrity of your roof. Sonshine will thoroughly inspect all components of your roof, including flashing, gutters, and shingles, to make sure that your roof is structurally sound and properly sealed. With our Roof Inspection service, you can be sure that your roof is in its best condition.

Four Point Inspector Logo

4-Point Inspection: $150

Many insurance companies require a 4-Point Inspection for homeowner’s insurance and renewals for an existing policy on an older home. The “four points” covered in this limited inspection include the four vital systems of the home: the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. This inspection identifies their components, determines their age, and assesses their overall condition.

*Multi-dwelling units qualify for discount. Quote provided on request. 

wind mit

Wind Mitigation Inspection: $125

Wind mitigation helps limit the amount of wind damage inflicted on a home. Many homeowner's insurance companies offer incentives, such as premium discounts and rebates, for implementing specific protections. And if you’ve already made certain improvements, a Wind Mitigation Inspection can provide the verification you need to receive credits and discounts. *Multi-family dwelling units qualify for a discount. Quote provided on request.


Insurance Bundle - 4 Point & Wind Mit: $225

Shopping for insurance? Get both reports bundled at a great price. *Multi-family dwelling units qualify for a discount. Quote provided on request.

Repair Verification logo

Repair Verification: Call for a Quote

Have you had remodeling or repair work done by a contractor to address a deficiency, or to adapt or modernize some structure or system of your home? I will inspect it to make sure that the materials, installation and workmanship meet quality standards and your specifications. This is not a code-compliance inspection, but an inspection to check that the work was completed properly.

Untitled design

Hurricane Readiness Inspection: Call for a Quote

A Hurricane Readiness Inspection is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates a property's preparedness for an impending hurricane. It examines the building's structural integrity, emergency systems, and identifies vulnerabilities. The findings help property owners take proactive measures to mitigate damage and ensure occupant safety during a hurricane.

buy back guarantee

Buy-Back Guarantee Is Included

If the home inspector misses a covered item, InterNACHI® will buy the home. The Guarantee may be honored for up to 90 days after closing. Additional terms and conditions apply, and the details are available at

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